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Mr. Beer – Home Brewer’s Beer Kit

This is the kit that provides all of the tools, ingredients, and easy-to-follow instruction to make four gallons of home-brewed craft beer. The kit includes two hopped malt extracts–an India Pale Ale (a reddish-gold hoppy ale) and a Witbier (a Belgian wheat beer with coriander and orange notes)–that are combined with the included yeast and tap water in the two-gallon fermentation tank for seven days.

A spout on the tank allows you to easily fill the eight reusable 1-liter plastic bottles, where the beer develops natural carbonation and is ready to drink in just seven days. The beer will have a 4.6% ABV (approximately) and may be bottle-conditioned for up to four months to enhance its clarity and flavor. The detailed instruction manual guides you through every stage of the brewing process, explains the role of each ingredient, and provides 18 additional recipes.

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