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Vintage Classic 1930s Coca-Cola Refrigerated Chest

An authentically detailed replica of the Westinghouse Junior Coca-Cola cooler, this soda chest combines all the hallmarks of the original with modern refrigeration technology. The side-mounted bottle opener and cap catcher, swiveling wheels, and lid chain recall the ubiquitous self-serve refrigerated chests favored by mom-and-pop stores and barbershops in the 1930s.

The 18-gauge stainless-steel chest is finished with a high-gloss, chip- and rust-resistant powder coat in classic red and white with Coca-Cola embossed on all sides and under the lid. Rubber seals along the lid, 1 1/2″ of solid-foam insulation, and five temperature settings ensure optimal efficiency and cold beverages. The interior holds up to 80 12-oz. cans or 60 8-oz. bottles of your preferred beverage.

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