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Ryanair booking error: man claims it was cheaper to change his name

A man who discovered his Ryanair flight ticket had been booked under the wrong surname has claimed it was cheaper for him to change his name by deed poll and buy a new passport than pay the admin fee to have the error corrected.

Adam West (nee Armstrong), 19, had a flight to Ibiza booked for him by his girlfriend’s stepdad, according to The Sun. The name on the booking turned out to be incorrect, however, as her stepdad used the surname Adam had given himself on Facebook, which, being a fan of Batman, was “West”.

When Adam realised the mistake he calculated it would cost him £220 to get his actual surname, which was Armstrong, added to the ticket. Instead, he opted to change his surname to West, via deed poll, a service which is free. He then ordered himself a new passport to reflect the name change, which cost him £103.


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