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Post Game Interview of the Year – Nail Yakupov

We win, first, we win Canada. Second, we win, we win Canada. Third win, 80,000 peoples, red jersey, everybody put red and white jersey. But we win the score, more goals, and it doesn’t matter how, how much, how many shoots Canada shoots at our box, our net, so we win. We’re very excited. It doesn’t matter right now. We, we beat Canada, so.

[Interviewer] Little too close at the end there?

I don’t know. You can give me like hundred questions, but we win. Russia win. Russia better Canada, so . . . see you next time.

[Multiple interviewers talking at one time]

Surprise did I? Not surprised. We been ready 100 percent. We score six goals. We score more goals and win the games, and we win Canada. We beat Canada. We win with a wonderful rink, 80,000 guys and ‘Canada, Canada! Let’s go!’ We have, I think we have, I don’t know, 30, 40 guys, Russian guys from Siberia, and they put their Russian jerseys and ‘Come on, Russia!’ and we win, so that’s it. Thanks, guys.

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