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Skype Vs. Magic Jack – Review – Save money on your phone service.

The Money Runner has a good break down of the advantages of using Skype VS Magic Jack. They also provide some pretty convincing reasons why you should finally dump your home phone.

Skype offers features such as video calling and chat. This is something that I find extremely useful. Video chat is especially great if you have little ones and have friends and family that are long distance. The Skype to go feature is also something magic jack doesn’t offer. What this allows you to do is create local numbers for any phone number around the world so you can call locally from any phone. So essentially free long distance calling on your cell phone. Skype has also integrated calling within Facebook. If that isn’t good enough you can also use the Skype app available for Android or you your IOS device to call out to landlines as well. I pay a whopping $2.99 per month for this service.

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