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This turntable costs as much as a house

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver has delivered its usual array of outrageous audio gear, but this shockingly priced turntable would have to go pretty high on anyone’s list.

The Onedof One Degree Of Freedom turntable was designed by NASA award winning aerospace engineer Aleks Bakman, and includes some unusual features. The self-centering 50-lb platter uses a liquid suspension to damp resonances, while the platter itself is filled with some kind of damping fluid. Bakman also described its noise canceling vertical motor adjustment, but to be honest the description went over my head.

The Onedof can accommodate three tonearms; pretty good, but not quite the most we’ve seen. At $150,000, I wonder if One-off might be a more appropriate name, or will they find some equally crazy audiophiles to buy some?

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