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The World’s Most Important Films

This is the DVD collection of 15 Academy Award-nominated documentary films that shed light on important global issues and changed the way people looked at everyday life. The set includes Supersize Me, the renowned documentary that examines the power and influence of the fast food industry and details the effects of a diet consisting of only McDonald’s food has on the director’s health.

Trouble the Water is the redemptive story of a family surviving Hurricane Katrina and struggling to overcome hardships long after the storm passed. Tell the Truth and Run, narrated by Susan Sarandon, recounts the remarkable career of reporter and press critic George Seldes, who exposed Stalin’s brutality, predicted that fascism would lead to world war, and criticized the influence big business had on the American press. The 17-hours of footage also includes The Most Dangerous Man in America, a film that recounts Daniel Ellsberg’s drive to leak the secret history of the Vietnam War by releasing the Pentagon Papers.

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