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Bikes Are Possibly Faster Than Cars

When you own a car, you spend time in it driving and sitting in traffic. You spend time parking it, washing it, cleaning it, and gassing it up. You spend time at work earning money to pay for the car, and also the gas, the repairs, taxes and registration.

In the end, the average American spends 4.4 hours per day either using the car, maintaining the car, or earning money to pay for the car. That same average American drives 7500 miles per year. That American probably believes that his car goes 75 MPH, but the math says that he averages 7500/(4.4*365) = 4.7 MPH (hour being hour invested for the convenience of easy mobility)

I don’t know about you, but I can ride my bike a lot faster. But to be fair, let’s do a strict comparison.

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