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Georgia Woman Wins $25 Million Lottery Due To Clerk’s Mistake

It takes an incredible amount of lock to win a lottery jackpot, and still greater fortune to win on a ticket you didn’t even intend to purchase. A Georgia woman who was looking for a job won out on both fronts when she won on a ticket a clerk gave her by accident.

According to the AP, the woman asked for a Mega Millions ticket, but the clerk accidentally printed up a Powerball entry with the same numbers, along with the ticket she requested. The woman was in the mood to double down so she didn’t try to return the Powerball ticket and ask for a refund. That’s why she won the $25 million prize, which she chose to cash out with the $15.1 million pre-tax lump sum option.

The story says the winner wants to travel, buy a car and help others. Hopefully she adds “give error-prone clerk humongous tip” to that list.

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