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The world’s richest animals

There’s nothing more demeaning than reading a celebrity rich list. A horrible reminder that there are people out there worth more than you and your Facebook friends combined (times 20), it’s often littered with celebs who really, genuinely don’t deserve the cash they take for granted.

But it’s nothing compared to this. Animals, who clearly don’t need any more attention than they already have (thanks internet), have been slowly racking up the pennies behind our naïve backs all this time.

1. Gunther – Dog (£90 million or $145 million)

Now Gunther isn’t just a bit rich, he’s absurdly, offensively loaded. The German Shepherd inherited his fortune from his father, who in turn had received the money from his completely not crazy owner Karlotta Liebenstein when she died. Aside from spending his money on the obvious (chewy bones, bitches), Gunther also purchased Madonna’s old Miami home and a rare white truffle worth £1,000, a favourite delicacy of pavement-sniffing, bin-foraging dogs.

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