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Best Buy Holding Disabled Girl’s Laptop Hostage

This story is just horrible, even by Best Buy’s standards. A disabled girl has her computer dropped off to the Geek Squad while it is still under warranty. Best Buy screws around with the PC for a month, during which time the warranty expires. Now BB will not return the computer unless she pays the full price of the repair.

Jenni’s sister is a disabled invalid for whom her laptop is her portal to the world. So when her HP laptop had to go in for repair, it was a big deal. It was an even bigger deal after the Geek Squad spent over a month dickering with the repair and while it was in their hands, the warranty ran out. Now Geek Squad won’t give it back unless the full out of warranty price is paid, and HP says it’s not their problem, it’s Geek Squad’s. Meanwhile it’s been almost three months and Jenni’s sister has no computer.

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