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Facebook CEO promises to eat only what he kills

As you may have already guessed, being the world’s youngest billionaire has its advantages. One of those is the ability to set a lofty goal for yourself each year and almost certainly being able to achieve it. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given himself these challenges every year, which have ranged from learning Chinese to dressing up in a suit and tie every day. This year his task is a bit heavier: he plans to only eat meat from animals he himself has killed.

After slaughtering each animal Zuckerberg sends the meat off for processing, and upon return, he and his girlfriend cook it themselves, making sure to use every last bit. And during his numerous restaurant trips (being CEO of a huge corporation means frequent lunch meetings), Zuckerberg doesn’t forget his pledge; if he can’t be the one to provide the meat, he orders strictly off the vegetarian menu.

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