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When you die, what will your last words be?

Here are a few answers from Reddit:

“For the love of God… destroy my hard drive…”

“In a few moments I’m going to die and then proceed to vigorously shit myself. I want you to promise me you won’t miss the humor in this.”

To my son, ‘I only wish I hadn’t died a virgin.’

“Hey guys, watch this!”

No matter the circumstance, I will shout BANG. Just to confuse whoever happens to be near.

“Guys, I decided long ago that I would bury a million dollars, and only give the location to those who were at my side during death. The key is in my pocket . I have buried the money underneath the .

“50 bucks says I don’t come back”

My grandfather’s last words (spoken to a nurse who asked if he wanted a cigarette — this was in 1956, when you could smoke everywhere) were “No, I think I’ll quit.”

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