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Memeopoly – What the Web Looks Like as a Board Game

Developed during the Great Depression, Monopoly was one of the few affordable escapes which gave its players the ability to fictitiously own property. But in today’s e-conomy, it’s become increasingly difficult to own land in Atlantic City. Then again, why would you want to?

Today, it’s not land that we look to obtain, it’s content. Content is currency. What more easily transferable currency is there than Memes. I think you get where we’re going with this… Introducing: MEMEOPOLY.

The memes, starting at GO:

Cereal Guy
Antoine Dodson
Community Chest: Milhouse Is Not a Meme
Double Rainbow Guy
Income Tax: Raisins/Super FFFUUU-
Railroads: Longcat
Chris Crocker
Chance: Doubles Guy
Jessi Slaughter
Jail: Forever Alone
Advice Dog
Electric Company: Anonymous
Courage Wolf
Foul Bachelor Frog
Strutting Leo
Prancing Cera
Sad Keanu
Free Parking: Fuck Yea Guy
Cool Story Bro
U Mad
Star Wars Kid
Grape Lady
Water Works: Reddit
Tron Guy
Dramatic Chipmunk
Keyboard Cat
Rick Astley
Luxury Tax: Okay Guy
Happy Cat

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