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iPad 2: Here’s Everything We’ve Heard So Far

We just passed the one year anniversary of the iPad’s debut, which can only mean one thing — It’s already old news!

So, where’s the iPad 2? And what are the “insanely great” features Apple is packing into it?

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for all news and rumors that have popped up on the next iPad. We’ve put it all together in one package for you.

1)There will be no retina display
2)iPad2 will have front and rear facing cameras
3)The screen will be less reflective, so you can read it on the beach
4)iPad2 will be thinner and lighter
5)There’s a chance that it gets some weird new grill in the back
6)There’s a small chance it doesn’t have a home button
7)iPad will get an SD slot
8)iPad2 will “likely” get a more powerful A5 chip
9)Apple is reportedly adding NFC, so the iPad can be a digital wallet
10)iPad2 will be ready to rock on Verizon without a mifi
11)There’s a very slim chance that Apple makes the iPad 2 even cheaper

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