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Best Buy’s “Buy Back” Program Kinda Sucks

Consumer Reports has come to the same conclusion we did a week ago…Best Buy’s “Buy Back” program kinda sucks. Trust me, you can do a lot better on Craigslist or eBay.

So under this plan, we decided to see what we’d receive if we brought in a 46-inch Samsung LCD TV (UN46B6000), purchased in December 2009 for $1,600. If the TV was in good condition, we could receive up to $480, although as HD Guru points out the term “up to” is somewhat vague, and it’s left to the discretion of CWG. But if the TV is deemed to be in poor condition, the most you’ll get back is $240. In both cases you’d have to subtract the upfront cost of the plan—$180—from the amount to see what you’d net. Under the best-case scenario the amount is $300, but it’s only $60 if the TV is deemed to be in poor condition.


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