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Steve Jobs’ Biggest Mistake – Or His Best Decision

Was hiring John Sculley, the man who sold fizzy drinks and corn snacks at Pepsico, the biggest mistake Steve Jobs ever made? Sculley now seems to think that’s the case, but I disagree:

Looking back, it was a big mistake that I was ever hired as CEO. I was not the first choice that Steve wanted to be the CEO. He was the first choice, but the board wasn’t prepared to make him CEO when he was 25, 26 years old.


They went and recruited me. I came in not knowing anything about computers. The idea was that Steve and I were going to work as partners. He would be the technical person and I would be the marketing person.

The reason why I said it was a mistake to have hired me as CEO was Steve always wanted to be CEO. It would have been much more honest if the board had said, “Let’s figure out a way for him to be CEO. You could focus on the stuff that you bring and he focuses on the stuff he brings.”

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