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Intelli Scanner Mini – Collector’s Barcode Scanner

This pocket-sized barcode scanner and accompanying software automates the tedious process of cataloging a collection of valuables. As small as a keyless auto remote, the cordless scanner’s laser reads any standard retail barcode at the press of a button.

It stores up to 250 barcodes in its internal memory and automatically uploads data when plugged into a computer’s USB port, which also recharges the scanner’s battery. The included software makes it easy to inventory wine, comic books, groceries, household valuables, books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. The software adds details about your collection from online databases, such as the region and varietal for a vintage, track lists for CDs, and cover art for books and movies. It also generates reports for reference and insurance purposes that can be published online and viewed from any web browser or on an iPhone.

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