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Wall-E Room Tidying Pickup Robot

This is the robot that picks up objects at your command and loads them onto its cargo bed, emptying contents at your preferred location (Play Video). The remote drives the robot left, right, forward, and backward–with skidding sounds for stops and beeps when in reverse–allowing you to nudge it into place for picking up small, 1 oz. items such as balls, toys, or socks with its two articulated arms and hands.

It can also operate autonomously using its four infrared “eyes” that seek and detect objects within its 8 – 12″ sight range while it announces “Let’s get to work!” Once an object is secured, the robot’s torso pivots to deposit an object into its cargo bay; it dumps contents by vibrating to dislodge objects from the bay, adding “one step closer to a cleaner world.” Completely aware of its environment, it informs you when an object is either too large or fixed with “too heavy for me” and “uh… a little help, please” if it gets stuck.

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