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MoPo Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2010

The below 10 posts show you the MoPo Top 10 pick list for this halloween 2010. Dressing up in costumes and going “guising” was prevalent in Scotland and Ireland at Halloween by the 19th century. Costuming became popular for Halloween parties in the US in the early 1900s, as often for adults as for children. The first mass-produced Halloween costumes appeared in stores in the 1930s when trick-or-treating was becoming popular in North America.

Marilyn Monroe Deluxe Adult Costume

The classic dress from one of the sexiest Marilyn moments can now be yours! The Marilyn Monroe costume includes the famous pleated white halter dress. As Marilyn said “It’s better for the whole world to know you, even as a sex star, than never to be known at all.” In this costume, you will certainly leave a lasting impression on them!

A Nightmare On Elm Street – Miss Krueger Plus Adult Costume

One, two, Miss Krueger’s coming for you! Their nightmare’s will be sure to get a little naughty when you don the Miss Krueger Plus Costume which includes: Freddy’s signature blood red and forest green sweater style dress featuring slash marks across the chest, brown fedora and a realistic looking Freddy glove.

Matrix Neo Adult Costume

Neo’s signature look. His costume includes a long black trench coat and glasses.

DC Comics Supergirl Teen Costume

This supergirl costume includes a blue top with attached red cape, Supergirl “S” logo, red skirt, gold belt, and matching boot tops.

Hannibal Lector Adult Costume

Looking for Clarice? With a taste for human blood, this cannibal is hungry for you this Halloween! The scariest of all movie characters, the Hannibal Lector Adult Costume includes a straight jacket and a Hannibal half-mask.

Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume

He fancies himself a crime lord. But he’s a lot like a giant pustule with a face, and full of hot air. Aside from that he’s mean and nasty, and has a stinky sense of humor. The Jabba The Hutt costume includes a Jabba headpiece, a body with tail, and a battery operated fan–for a force all his own.

Batman Dark Knight – Batman Grand Heritage Collection

Gotham City has seen its share of criminals, but nothing like these guys. The Joker and Two-Face are plotting to bring the city down, and there’s only one man that can stop them – Gotham’s favored son – Batman! The Batman Dark Knight Batman costume is from the Grand Heritage Collection and includes a black bodysuit to be worn under the molded armor pieces, gauntlets, Batman utility belt, black cape* and boot covers. An over-the-head mask with extended neck piece that can be tucked into the bodysuit is also included to complete this authentic Batman costume. Now, it’s your turn to show the mob and the criminaly insane villains of Gotham who the city really belongs to.

Super Mario Deluxe Adult Costume

Everybody’s favorite Nintendo character! Plump belly, cool moustache, and all, Mario is ready for a classic Nintendo adventure! Perfect for the classic gamer in your life, this costume features a pair of blue overalls with big yellow buttons and an attached red long sleeve shirt, a Mario-style red hat with a white “M” on the center, white gloves, and a large black mustache to complete the look! Don’t forget, the inflatable belly is also included to make Mario extra “plump”!

Mona Lisa Frame Adult Costume

Be just like “the lady with the mystic smile” in this artful disguise! Perfect for your next costume party, or just hanging around! Includes a Mona Lisa art print tunic and all the tubes and connectors you’ll need for this costumes’ simple assembly. Now just polish up your mysterious smile!

Hellraiser – Pinhead Deluxe Adult

“A demon to some, an angel to others,” Pinhead is the leader of the Cenobites, escaped from hell to devour the souls of the living! This high quality deluxe Pinhead adult costume includes full length robe, full mask covered with pins, and gloves. Everything you need for the perfect Pinhead from Hellraiser costume!

The most popular Halloween costumes for both kids and adults in 2009 were:

Michael Jackson
Kate and Jon Gosselin (from Jon and Kate Plus 8 )
Sarah Palin
Bernie Madoff
Edward Cullen (from the Twilight book and film series)
Sick Pigs (from the H1N1 swine flu pandemic)
G.I. Joe
Transformers (from the Transformers film series)
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
High School Musical 3 characters
Star Wars and Star Trek characters
Hannah Montana
Vampire characters

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