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Is Ladies’ Night Sexist?

Imagine paying full price then learning that another group of people get in free or at a significant discount solely on the basis of their gender. Sounds sexist? Well, that’s exactly why one lawyer is suing night clubs who have ladies’ night (and lost):

Men sick of having to pay full price at bars and nightclubs where women get discounts on “ladies’ night” have failed to win sympathy from a federal appeals court, which ruled this week that such promotions don’t violate the U.S. Constitution.

A self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer, Roy Den Hollander, sued over ladies’ night drink specials at several New York clubs, arguing that they discriminate against men. The case went to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan, where judges ruled against Den Hollander on Wednesday.

“The guys are paying for girls to party. I don’t think that’s fair,” Den Hollander told the New York Daily News, vowing to escalate his case to the U.S. Supreme Court. “It’s a transfer of money from the wallets of guys to the pocketbooks of girls.”


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