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How Do You Steal a 350-lb Inflatable Gorilla?

Missing from a Simi Valley, California, car dealership: an inflatable gorilla – which inevitably brings up the question of how the heck does one steal a 350-pound inflatable primate from the roof?

On Tuesday, the gorilla was reported stolen from the roof of First Kia, 2081 First St., said Sgt. Ritchie Lew, a Simi Valley police spokesman. It was last seen Friday afternoon. The gorilla is sometimes deflated when it’s windy, and the dealership’s employees assumed that’s what had happened until someone climbed onto the roof Tuesday and discovered it was missing, said Yehuda Riess, a used car manager there.

Riess said he has no clue why thieves targeted the gorilla, or how they made off with the roughly 350-pound inflatable primate. “It’s not something you can just go up on the roof and steal it,” he said, adding the gorilla was tethered down by cables. “It would take at least a few people to carry it.”


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