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Football Player Gets Hair Insured for $1 Million

Troy Polamalu plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He wears long hair to honor his Samoan heritage. It’s gotten Polamalu in trouble before — he was once tackled from behind by his someone who grabbed his locks, as you can see from the video at the link. To make sure that nothing unfortunate happens to his hair, Polamalu has insured it for a million dollars:

Lloyds of London has written a policy on the Pittsburgh Steelers safety’s locks, in the kind of publicity stunt that rises to the top of search engines on the week before real sports resume after Labor Day. There’s a serious reason for Polamalu’s ‘do: he has not cut it since 2000 and wears it as a tribute to his Samoan ancestors. But there’s a product tie-in on the insurance: Polamalu endorses Head & Shoulders shampoo, whose parent company sought the policy.

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